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"The most unique photo booth in Scotland!"


So you’re a photo booth, like one of those machines where you get passport photos done?

Yes we’re a photo booth but one with a twist! Digital Guestbook is way more fun than an automated booth. In fact we’re the funnest photo
booth in Scotland!
Our booth is fully interactive and manned by a professional photographer who can help your guests capture their best poses. You’re welcome to
submit our photos with your passport if you wish but we very much doubt they’ll pass.

But we already have a photographer…

That’s great and we’re sure your formal photos will be fantastic! If you would like to remember the ‘guest experience’ of your event however
Digital Guestbook is simply unbeatable as a photo booth! Your friends and family can visit the booth as many times as they want, leaving their
messages to you along with some hilarious pictures that will always remind you just how much fun they had.

Where will you set up?

We require a space of around 10ft x 10ft with access to an electrical plug, although we are fully adjustable with prior notice. Its important
you make your venue aware that we will be there so they can be prepared.
The ideal location is typically near the bar or dance floor – somewhere your guest will pass by and where they can really let their hair down.
For events held in marquees or outdoors we will require an area that is covered to protect the equipment if it rains (this is Scotland after all).

I want a photo booth at my event – when in the day should I have it?

The best time to make use of a photo booth is in the evening of your reception when the formalities of the day are completed. We require
45 minutes to set up so be sure to take that into account when planning your start time. All packages are inclusive of this set up time however
if your event is running behind schedule the booth may be delayed from setting up and this will reduce the running time of the booth.

Sounds like fun but I’m not getting married…

No problem! Our photo booth is great for other events around Scotland too such as graduations, retirements, birthday parties and corporate functions. No event
is too big or too small.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Paypal which allows all major credit and debit cards. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still use it for a one off
payment. Check out www.paypal.com/uk if you want to know more.
A deposit of £50 is required upon making your booking to secure the date required. Payment of the remaining total must be paid 30 days before
the event.